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"Originally I was having pain in my back when I was bending down to pick up something off the floor or when I was standing for too long. The pain would be in my lower back with sciatica into my butt and down my leg. I went to a lower back workshop at Somersworth PT and later started a course of PT with Dr. Dan. At PT they stretched my back, mobilized my joints and then we did some strengthening exercises to keep my back strong. After 6 visits I can honestly say that my back is now Pain Free. I never thought this would happen but it has! I am now able to get dressed with no pain, clean my house and get back to my life all with no pain. Thank you to everyone at Somersworth PT."   - Richard B.

"I came to SPT with the hope of avoiding comprehensive shoulder surgery due to an injury from playing softball. After dealing with the pain for over a year I decided to get it fixed. The process took me to see several doctors and a recommendation of surgery. I chose to get a second opinion and was referred to SPT for therapy. I was skeptical at first as to how effective PT would be due to the increasing amount of pain I was in. Essentially I couldn’t even throw a football. Through a customized routine Minami, Laurel and Justin helped to strengthen my shoulder muscles and loosen up a lot of the tightness. After only two weeks I saw significant improvement in my range of motion and a decrease in my shoulder pain. Today after two months of PT I am pain free and have complete range of motion in my shoulder. Thanks to the team at SPT I have avoided surgery and can throw the ball with my kids."  - Heath B.

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